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Clicca is a staffing agency focused on assembling core product teams for tech startups.

We offer recruiting, HR operations, and people management support during transitional phases of business growth.
average retention rate for the teams
teams built and supported for our clients in US and Europe
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clients with “Click”


teams recruited and staffed for our clients in US and Europe


average retention rate for the teams

our team:
Helen Kretova
Jane Dudinova
Elena, a seasoned headhunter with 10 years of experience. She plays a crucial role in the early stages of Core Team formation and staffing strategy. Specializing in top-level positions and leading strategic HR projects.
Jane’s goal is to build a transparent people management system in a distributed team to lengthen the hiring period of each specialist and the level of their involvement in the product.
Vlada Nastradin
Vlada is responsible for ensuring compliance with tax and employment laws, overseeing the processing of employee salaries, and ensuring legal compliance, confidentiality, and accurate tracking of all team work.
You receive your candidate’s CV, our comments regarding the motivation, work experience, salary ask and even the name of their pet (if it is important to you). We can also provide you with other HR services depending on your business needs.
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from the start to the first resume.
are enough to close the vacancy.
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Together we create the requirements for the roles. After that our team builds a pipeline of matching talent, supports the interview process and helps you to hire team members directly to your team.
Outsourcing payroll tasks can save businesses time, money, and reduce liability. Our team handles time-tracking, payroll tax filing, compliance with labor laws, and provides access to technology and resources.
A strong adaptation process is crucial for startups to quickly integrate new employees, improve engagement, and increase productivity. By embracing unique company values, a committed team can help your startup succeed.
Startups need employee retention to succeed. It creates a stable workforce, reduces recruitment costs, and drives ongoing growth. HR provides valuable support to managers for effective people management and achieving organizational goals.
how we work
how we work
how we work
It all starts with recruiting. We work with you to understand your team's goals and tasks they need to accomplish. Together, we create a hiring plan, define team values, and determine candidate profiles. Once we've approved the overall recruiting process, we move forward with finding suitable candidates. our HR BP monitors and approves each suitable candidate based on our values.
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Our commitment to seamless employee integration goes beyond the recruitment process. We understand the importance of quickly integrating new hires into their roles, which is why we implement an onboarding and adaptation process. By doing so, we help new employees feel welcome, supported, and productive from day one. In addition, our ongoing people management support ensures that the team is aligned with the business goals and objectives, ultimately resulting in better outcomes for the company as a whole.
team formation stage
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